Sunday, 30 May 2010

Truly pragmatic bollards....

Here are some bollards being pragmatic!

It looks like quite a sad tale for them. They have been summarily stacked against the lamppost while they are replaced by more robust cast-concrete bollards. Despite having environmentally-friendly credentials through being made of extruded plastic bags, they were not selected or placed for a busy roadway. Cars park regularly on this street and I have seen sufficient damage to a friend's car through attempts to park next to bollards to know that they need to take quite savage hits at times. The dust-line on these bollards shows that they would not have been very good at giving back what they got. With luck they will be moved to a different location, maybe doing people management rather than vehicle.

The photograph was taken in Willemstad, Curacao in January 2010. There is a very good tradition of recycling and reuse of physical objects in the Caribbean, so it is almost certain that the bollards would be put to a new use and not wasted.

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